Man films girlfriend struggling to solve a simple riddle

Pedro Marrero
May 31, 2018
08:21 P.M.
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It was actually a very simple but tricky question, and anybody could have been fooled by it, but the girl’s struggle to solve it made the entire thing hilarious.


Youtube user Brad Holmes uploaded footage of his girlfriend, Jenny, trying to solve a tricky riddle and getting frustrated over it. Her struggle as her boyfriend teases her was so funny that it quickly went viral, reaching more than 3 million views.

In the video, Holmes presents Jenny the following riddle: ‘Cindy has 5 kids. The first kid’s name is January. Second kid name February. Third kid name is March. Fourth kid name is April. What is the name of the fifth kid.’

Understandably, Jenny took the word game as a question, and she felt confident that she had the most obvious answer, as she enthusiastically replies: ‘May.’


This only made her boyfriend chuckle at her before telling her that she was wrong. Jenny had trouble accepting the negative, as she finds her answer very logical.

She goes on to defend her answer, explaining her reasoning to Holmes saying that if the children were named in sequence following the names of the months, if the fourth was named April it was obvious that the fifth one was named May.


We can tell Holmes is having fun with this behind the camera, and he starts laughing as he tells her: ‘Jenny, you’re not hearing me.’

Although it can be sensed that Holmes doesn’t want to leave her alone just yet, he gives her a clue telling her that the fifth child’s name is not the name of any month.

This only baffles Jenny and she takes a wild guess and says that then the child name is Cindy, after the mother. But she was wrong once again, and Holmes has to tell her so.

Without trying to give the answer away, Holmes has fun for a while just repeating the ‘riddle’ to Jenny, who is increasingly stressed as the video continues.

After a few minutes of this, Holmes reveals that he was telling her the name of the fifth child from the start. ‘The name of the kid is What,’ he finally says. It turns out it was never a question.