Dad filmed his little girl hugging everyone in church

Jun 01, 2018
01:41 A.M.
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Little Aubrey gave free hugs to the people at church and her father filmed the whole thing.


A genuine hug from an innocent child can change someone’s mood and that is exactly what happened at a church in Oklahoma when the cute girl hugged every single people who lined up during the Holy Communion.

Tyler Hull, his wife Michelle, and their daughter Aubrey spend their Sunday mornings at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church.

During the Holy Communion, Aubrey decided to give everyone lining up a sincere hug.

The video taken by Tyler showed Aubrey standing on a church pew watching as people walk towards the altar while forming a single line.


Just then, Aubrey decided to give a hug to everyone who walked past her.

The little kids she hugged looked a bit shy but were all smiling as Aubrey wrapped her little arms around them.

The adults all thought she was so adorable for what she did. Some of them kissed the child’s forehead and gave the parents a smile that looked as if they have been silently praising the couple for raising such a goodhearted child.

According to Rumble, Tyler said that they had just finished receiving the Body of Christ and had just returned to their pew when Aubrey stood up and started hugging everyone.


The video was posted on Facebook and received over 24 million views. It was also shared almost 400,000 times. In addition, many users gushed about the sweet child.

Thu Trang, a Facebook user, wrote, ‘It’s greatly adorable. Wish her all the blessings of God.’

Another user, Tina Whitmore, commented, ‘That child was the spirit of the Lord. Probably healing people as they walked by.’

Tyler shared that Aubrey made everyone she hugged very happy.