Caught on camera: Woman surprises mother on her 50th birthday

Jun 01, 2018
05:39 A.M.
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Clarissa J Wiser decided to capture her mother’s reaction when she planned a surprise visit for her 50th birthday.


The video was posted on YouTube on July 3, 2016, when she visited her mother’s home in Florida, USA.

Birthdays bring so much joy and sometimes many surprises. Clarissa flew home to Florida just for that. It was her mother’s 50th birthday in June 2013.

The video begins with a man quickly packing a box in the kitchen. He then takes a baby and walks out of the house to hide as they prepare for a gift.

Two women walk into the house, with one of them being Clarissa’s mother. They are shocked looking at the big box in the middle of the kitchen.

The woman says that she is scared as she approaches the box and then backs away. She is trying to make sense of the situation. There is no way the box could have gotten inside as she had locked the doors.


She immediately dials her husband, Mike, to check if he knows anything about the box. She asks him to be honest and wants to know if something would pop out when she opens it.

The two then decide to kick it and hear if the box says “Ouch.” Clarissa’s mother keeps saying that she is scared and that she does not open it.


When she kicks the box, she realizes that there is something inside it. Then there is a voice that says, “Please open it.” The two women are scared when they realize it is coming from inside it.

She finally opens it to find her daughter. She screams out in joy and hugs her daughter for a long time. Just then her husband walks in wishing her a happy birthday.

A few minutes later, there is another surprise waiting for her. She is still not completely over this when she sees her granddaughter’s head pop out of the window.

Everyone then runs out to greet the other daughter who is waiting for her. She weeps with joy at the sight of her family who came down for her birthday.