Mekhi Phifer shared photo of his and Malinda Williams' son heading to prom

Jun 02, 2018
05:32 A.M.
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The former Hollywood couple may have split a long time ago, but their son Omikaya seems to have grown into a confident young man.


When actor Mekhi Phifer and actress Malinda Williams went public about their marital troubles and split, they were also raising their little son Omikaya Phifer.

Years later, it seems that although Williams and Phifer may have been apart for many of Omikaya’s crucial years, the boy has turned out to be a confident and charming individual.

And when the 17-year-old was about to cross another milestone of his adolescent life, his father took to social media to share the moment with his fans and followers.

Phifer posted a photo of Omikaya dressed up in a three-piece-suit and bow, ready to attend prom night. The young boy’s features were strikingly similar to those of his famous parents.


Omikaya carried off the classic formal outfit with confidence and accessorized with a pair of sunglasses. He posed with a half-smile and his hands in his pockets, displaying poise and self-reliance.

As reported by I Love Old School Music, Williams and Phifer tied the not in 1999 and got divorced in 2003. Phifer had publicly remarked that the duo was emotionally married and felt like life partners only for about a year of their marriage.

In a 2003 interview, Williams had revealed that her former husband had been a womanizer when she was not around.

In another interview, Phifer shared that Williams had stopped supporting him and his career, which made it difficult for him to progress as an actor.


He added that it reached the point where he did not want to go back home to her at all.

Phifer also emphasized that he was committed to doing the right thing when Williams got pregnant at the age of 23.

However, he soon realized that Williams came from a family where matriarchs were dominant, and the men were accustomed to being sidelined.

This background was a total contrast to Phifer’s own upbringing, in which men were raised to take charge of their own lives completely.

However, their divorce did not come in the way of raising their only son Omikaya with abundant love and affection.