Massive wildfire forces US forest services to evacuate 1500 people

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 02, 2018
10:52 A.M.
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Massive fires in Colorado and New Mexico force 1500 people to leave their homes


A raging fire broke out on the 1st of June 2018 on the outskirts of Durango,and 24 hours later, it continues to burn unchecked.

Durango, is a small city in southwestern Colorado, near the New Mexico border. The blaze has been identified as 416 Fire and has burned down over 1,100 acres of Colorado's La Plata County, reported

US Forest Service spokesman Jim Mackensen announced on the 2nd of June 2018 that the fire remains uncontrolled and has forced the evacuation of 1.500 people, though no structures have been destroyed so far.

The fire continues to spread and has destroyed thousands of acres of forest in Colorado and New Mexico.


La Plata County Manager Joanne Spina has declared a state of local disaster and has solicited support from the state and federal authorities. 

The fire which is devastating Colfax County, New Mexico, had now burned through 27,290 acres and continues to spread.

The US multiagency rescue forces have nearly 450 agents battling the fires.  The New Mexico town of Cimarron, where 296 structures are at risk, has been evacuated. The fire has destroyed about 14 outbuildings.

The weather forecast for Sunday the 3rd of June presents a 50% chance of thunderstorms and precipitation, which may help the firefighters to control the blaze; but the temperatures are still high. by 

Mackensen raised the possibility that the thunderstorms may cause more fires. In Colorado, about two-thirds of all wildfires are caused by lightning strikes.