Sade’s transgender son flaunts full beard and mustache in pics after chest surgery

Jun 04, 2018
03:59 P.M.

Sade’s transgender son is living his best life. After successfully going through a chest surgery that left him flat-chested, he is proudly showing his masculine body off and expressing himself and his art. Sade has yet to talk about the gender change but he is vocal about her support.


Izaak Theo’s Instagram is lit with photos of the youngster paying pilgrimage to his body. After undergoing a successful surgery that got rid of his breasts, Theo is now comfortably showing off his amazing body in a series of photos. In a recent post, he is shirtless with his hair wrapped in a towel. He poses as though undecided of what to do next.


Celebritist knows that the 21-years-old was formerly known as Mickailia ‘Ila’ Adu and he shocked fans when he announced he was transitioning to a man on National Coming Out Day two years ago. Before this revelation, he was your girl next door who used to love skirts and short shorts. No one would have seen that announcement coming or even thought that Adu harbored any thoughts of being a man. The same must have caught his legend mom, Sade, by surprise.


Unlike his mom, Izaak lives out loud. He has been vocal of his journey that has been smooth all along. In an Instagram post, the 21-year-old summed up the journey to becoming a man.

“A year and a half ago today I was given my first shot of Testosterone. Looking back at old photos of myself pre T shows me how far I’ve come and How happy I’ve become since starting my medical transition 18 months ago to this day. Thank you for all the support from my friends and family who’ve helped me every step of the way, LOVE YOU MY Gs.”

Although Sade is yet to publicly speak out about her son’s decision, Izaak has made it clear in his post that he has the full support of friends and family. He looks happy too and so it’s hard not to be happy for him.

We wish him well for the rest of his journey.

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