Father filmed himself showing how he deals with crying toddler

Jun 06, 2018
03:21 A.M.
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In this viral video, Popiando Vasquez tries everything to console his two-year-old daughter only to learn that hugs work when words fail.


The father shared the video of his upset daughter on Instagram on June 6, 2017.

Tiara Vazquez’s strong, understanding father is clearly always there for her when she needs him. Even when he is not sure what to do.

The video of Vasquez consoling his daughter brought everyone on the internet to tears.

Two-year-old Tiara was upset with her friends for calling her “bad” and had a meltdown in her father’s car. 

He keeps asking her what happened, however, the little girl is too overwhelmed to explain it. She initially keeps asking for her mother.


However, she calms down when her father continues to say, “Talk to me. What happened?”

He has a remedy to stop the stream of tears flowing down her cheeks – a warm embrace from him. The hug had the desired soothing effect immediately.

‘My shorty got sense and logic just sometimes needs to express herself with wordplay that I'm unfamiliar with! Sometimes these women just need a hug.’

Popiando Vasquez, Instagram, June 6, 2017.

Vasquez is an Uber driver in Bronx, New York, who keeps his phone camera rolling when working. On the day his little princess was in distress, the camera captured their sweet interaction.


The result is the adorable video of Tiara which went viral.

After the man uploaded the video to his Instagram account, it garnered over three million views so far. The exchange between the father and daughter is relatable.

Many commented that the father and daughter share a great bond and that the video brought tears to their eyes.

When life gets hard, everyone needs a loving hug from their father or mother. Vasquez even gave his daughter an important life tip, “Don’t let them see you cry, okay?”