Empire's Yazz shares photo holding his baby girl co-star in princess outfit

Jun 06, 2018
12:21 P.M.
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Meet little Bella who acts as Bryshere Yazuan Gray's daughter - Hakeem Lyon – on Fox’s Empire. The star posted a photo of the two of them all glammed up and ready for the week’s episode. See her princess gown to see what we are talking about.


Fox’s Empire took the world by storm since it first aired and it is still doing great in its fourth season. Yazz the Greatest, also known as Hakeem Lyon on the show but whose real name is Bryshere Yazuan Gray posted photos of him and his stage daughter, Bella, and they look adorable. Over 134,000 fans reacted to the photo with some even thinking that she was his real daughter.


The fourth season ended mysteriously with one member of the prominent Lyon family getting shot. Fans have been scratching their heads wondering who it was, with everyone hoping their favorites will be sparred. Fox is giving no hints, as expected, and so fans are on edge.

In the meantime, Gray has launched his rap career under the name Yazz the Greatest. In a 2015 interview with The New York Times, he said he was

“Los Angeles has a lot of different characters, and I’m still getting used to it. You have to stay focused on what you want and not get distracted; having too much free time can get you into trouble. I moved to Cali, but Philly will always be my home. This Christmas, I gave away 10,000 bikes [in Philadelphia]. I know the platform I have, and I want to use it for good.”


Although the star has lots of exposure these days, he chooses to use his power positively. “I know the platform I have, and I want to use it for good.”

His character on Empire attracts a bevy of beauties. Who would he like to be cast as his next love interest? “Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and Rihanna.” But that was in 2015… things could have changed!

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