Conjoined twins successfully separated 12 years ago have matured into unique individuals

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 12, 2018
06:02 A.M.
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The identical twin sisters, once famous for their physical connectedness, are celebrating 12 years of living two separate and individual lives.


Isabelle and Abby Carlsen are identical twins, who were born conjoined from their chest down to their stomach in 2006, and later made medical history when Minnesota doctors physically separated them.

A video uploaded to YouTube by CBS Minnesota showed that 12 years later, the twins are now living their individual, separate lives as healthy grown-ups with their unique personalities.

According to the report, the girls have very little things in common. They do not dress or act in the same way and show completely contrast characteristics.

“Every night we look in the mirror in our room, and we’re like, how do people get us mixed up?” Abby said in the video


Despite their separate lives now, they once scared the world because of their connectedness with one another. Isabelle's heart was tangled up in Abby's chest and the organs in their abdominal cavity were mixed up as well.

For the surgery, the medical team at the Mayo Clinic trained for months because of the complication of the procedure.


Dr. Christopher Moir, the clinic's pediatric surgeon at the time, further revealed that they had different kinds of teams prepared for the procedure including a cardiac team, liver team, plastic surgery team, bile and pancreas team, and so on.


When the doctors attempted the procedure to separate the two sisters, it was one of the riskiest surgeries undertaken.

The team of surgeons knew the dangers involved. They also realized the profound impact their surgery skills would have on the future of the girls.

Fortunately, amid all the fears, the surgery proved out to be a big success, and the twins, who were known for their physical connectedness to one another. rather made headlines across the world for their miraculous separation.