Man proposed to deaf girlfriend the moment she could hear for the first time

Jun 07, 2018
10:16 A.M.
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Hearing voices for the first time might have been her greatest joy ever, but this boyfriend found a perfect way of doubling that happiness.


Kevin Peakman doubled the excitement of Mississippi Medical Care patient Andrea Diaz, who was hearing for the first time after a surgery, by proposing to her in the same moment.

According to Independent, Peakman revealed that he chose the doctor's consulting room as the place of the proposal was because the first thing he wanted his girlfriend to hear was him proposing her to marry him.

So to ensure that it was exactly one of the first things that Diaz heard, Peakman went down on one knee in the audience of audiologist Dr. Vicki Gonzales as well as Diaz's mother.

In a short video clipped captured by a camera, the heart-warming moment can be witnessed in which Diaz gets emotional and breaks in tears following Peakman's proposal.


At first, we see Dr. Gonzales switching on Diaz's implant for the very first time. Already overwhelmed by emotions at this point, Diaz almost broke into tears as she heard sounds clearly for the first time.

When Peakman asked her how it felt, she replied by saying that it was "noisy" and that it "sounds funny." Then he put forward the all-important question before her.


"I love you so much and you're my best friend, baby," he said in the video. "I wanted to make the first thing you hear me asking you to marry me."

Diaz replied with a, "Yes" through a mixture of tears and laughter. She also managed to say that she liked the ring before stressing, "I can hear your voice!"

The medical experts at the medical center further informed that Dr. Gonzalez's patients often overcome with emotions when the audio implant is turned on for the very first time and similar was the case with Diaz.