RadarOnline: Amy Duggar finally opened up about the broken state of her family

Jun 08, 2018
02:09 A.M.
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While Amy Duggar suffered from the aftermath of her parents’ painful divorce, being abused by her own father left her struggling for several years.


Amy Duggar, a member of the Counting On family, spoke up about events in her past that led to an eventual breakdown. At one point, she had to get counseling and therapy to let go of her dark past.

The 31-year-old daughter of Deanna Duggar and Terry Jordan revealed that her parents’ decision to divorce each other left a deep impact on her. 

She suffered from the failure of her parents’ failed marriage, finding it extremely difficult to cope with. 

In an interview with Radar Online, she recalled learning about their parents’ decision via a text message. On Christmas Eve in the year 2015, her father texted her the news, which shattered her.


Duggar revealed that her parents’ marriage had always been strained. It was also reportedly found that her father claimed to be subjected to intolerable treatment by her mother in the divorce papers.

When Duggar spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the trying time, she sounded sad but hopeful. She had shared that although it was a tough phase for the whole family, they would get through it together.


She also stated that the tragic ending of her parents’ marriage prompted her to focus on her own relationship with her husband.

Last year, it became clear that the rocky marriage of Duggar’s parents was not the only factor that broke the family.

While being a part of Marriage Boot Camp, Duggar revealed that her father had abused her as a child. A year since that revelation, she added that she went to counseling with her father, and had forgiven him.

On hindsight, Duggar admitted that she would have preferred not to make the news of being an abused child public and would rather mend things with her father without all the media attention.

After getting therapy and counseling, Duggar realized that she had done everything she could to make amends and move on. Read more about Amy Duggar on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.