Grandpa lost $1 Million on 'Wheel of Fortune' because of one simple mistake

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 11, 2018
07:44 A.M.
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Many contestants have lost on Wheel of Fortune, but probably no one has lost as closely and as sad as this sweet grandfather.


Sweet grandpa Frank, assisted by granddaughter Laurel, was a contestant on a special episode from Disney World as part of "Grandparents Week" of the show, which aired on November 15, 2017.

During the final puzzle, Frank had a pretty good chance to win the jackpot when he chose the Food and Drink category. After picking their letters, they were incredibly close to solving the puzzle.

Frank knew that the second word was likely zucchini, but the first word tied him up. He and his granddaughter guessed "fried zucchini" as their answer, but it turns out the correct answer was "baked zucchini," so they lost out on the big prize.


After getting the answer wrong, the worst part was when host Pat Sajak revealed the prize Frank could have won, which was the rare $1 million prize. Frank nearly fell down in shock, 'unbelievable,' was the only word he could mutter

They needed to successfully guess five letters to solve the ultimate puzzle in just ten seconds. If only he had recognized that it was already determined that there was no ‘R’, so it couldn’t be ‘Fried’ and had to be ‘Baked,’ it would be a much different story.


But that can be tough to remember when you have such a short countdown to answer the question. We bet that Frank and Laurel won't be buying zucchini at the grocery store for a long time.

The sweet grandpa nearly collapsed in his granddaughter’s arms over what might have been. The look on his face was simply heartbreaking. Even the host of the show felt desolated, 'I don't know what to say,' Sajak said.

The audience's disappointment was palpable and Twitter's heart collectively broke for Grandpa Frank. At least, he took home $26,203 which is pretty good.

Video of this heartbreaking loss was uploaded to YouTube. It was accurately called ‘wheel of fortune sad,’ and has already attracted more than 600,000 views since that day. Read more on our Twitter account: @amomama_usa.