Single mom loses her home in divorce, so she builds herself a wonderful tiny house

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 19, 2018
12:57 A.M.
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In an attempt to secure her future, one woman designed herself a comfortable yet affordable home.


Michelle 'MJ' Boyle built herself a tiny house after losing her two previous houses to divorce and realizing that she had no plans or money for retirement.

In a video uploaded to YouTube as a part of the series Alternative Living Spaces, Boyle explained that she built the home to have an affordable place to live following retirement.

However, she is now looking to build more of such houses so that she can rent it out

Boyle, who has been through two marriages and two divorces, has been a single mother for 13 years. But with her children growing up and heading out to college, she was getting increasingly worried about her future.


So to ensure that she had in her possession something that no one could take away from her, she built herself the tiny house.

She brought in cash and sponsorships from others to build her tiny house. While building her house, she ensured that it was built in such a way that she could live the rest of her life comfortably.

She also made sure that the design of the house was such that she could build it easily with little or no outside help of friends and contractors.


Her home is eight-and-a-half feet wide by four feet long. In the video, she further shared the interior of her house, especially kitchen and living space.

She also explained how she had designed the location and layout of the room to adjust all her required amenities in a small space.

Boyle also shared some of the mistakes she realized she committed while building the house. She admitted that she designed the stairs too narrow and even the tile in the kitchen was not that good.