Ginger Zee faced backlash from fans regarding her 'extended' maternity leave

Jun 11, 2018
11:53 P.M.
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When social media users questioned the meteorologist's maternity leave, she hit back with facts.


Good Morning America meteorologist Ginger Zee was criticized by a Twitter user for taking an extended maternity leave, she had to remind the social media about the official policies regarding such leaves.

CeCe Winans II posted on Twitter that it 'must be nice' for Zee to be 'out since February.' She also mocked Zee's leave by commenting rather sarcastically, 'I'm not sure what kind of maternity leave they have at @ABCNetwork @GMA.'

Zee gave birth to her second son, Miles Macklin, on February 9, 2018. When the Twitter user made the comment on April 18, she was absent for around 10 weeks. Country Living reported that she was expected to make her return on May 7, exactly 12 months after the birth of Macklin.


Other Twitter users did come to Zee's defense, but it was the meteorologist herself who came up with one of the best replies for her critic.

She reminded the Twitter user that women who underwent a C-section surgery were allowed a minimum eight weeks to 12 weeks of maternity leave. So, she had every right to take an extended maternity leave.


Zee also stressed the fact that she was only grateful for all the extra time she could spend with her children because of her leave. Zee further admitted that she was thankful for all the extra time she was getting to spend with her children.

Hitting back at the negative undertone in the commenter's tweet, she also suggested her to take the opinion of someone in Canada or Europe about the US maternity leave policy.

Zee was trying to draw the commenter's attention to the fact that the US still had stricter policies regarding maternity leave in comparison to Europe or Canada.

Another Twitter user, Maggie M, also chipped in her support for Zee. She commented on the thread that she was fortunate enough to take a two-year leave and spend more time with her babies.