Why does my son think the computer is his? He bought it but it's in my house, therefore it's mine

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 12, 2018
11:09 A.M.
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Dear AmoMama,


I have a problem with my son, and I can't seem to make him see the right of it. I have three children that I've raised on my own since my husband abandoned us 12 years ago, and he is my youngest. 

The two eldest have moved out and made their own way in the world, but my last boy is now 17.

I am 43-years-old and I have been working like a slave since I was 18, raising my children, making sure they had a roof over their head and food in their mouths. In all those years I never did anything for myself, it was all for them.

Last year, my son told me he wanted an expensive computer, and I told him that if he wanted it he'd better get a job, I wasn't buying some fancy toy for him.


Well, he went out and did some work for a store down the street, cleaning and sorting things, and he saved up and he got that computer.

He's right proud of it, but a few nights ago I told to get off Skype with his friends because I wanted to use it to go on Facebook, talk to some of my friends cause my phone is too small and he gave me sass.

So I took his computer away and told him: What is under my roof is mine, and he threw a tantrum. He started screaming that I had no right to put my hands on what's his and that he worked for it.

So I told him that the food in his mouth is mine, the bed he sleeps in is mine, this house is mine. His computer is mine too.


Now he's gone and phoned his older brother and asked if he can go live with him and his bitchy wife. He's humiliated me, made me sound like some selfish monster.

I've given him everything: food, shelter, and education, and I have the right to get something back for my effort! I can't believe he's turned on me, just like his brothers. How can I make him see how selfish and ungrateful he is being? 

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