Martha Stewart has shared her first selfie on Instagram

Jun 12, 2018
03:06 P.M.
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The lifestyle guru explained that she had never liked the practice before, but was finally experimenting with it, to the delight of her fans.


Martha Stewart has had Instagram for four years already, but so far she has mostly shared photos of her cooking, her pets, and her many travels. 

That is until recently, when the 76-year-old shared her first selfie with her Instagram followers on June 11, 2018. 

She told her fans that she "never ever" takes selfies, but confessed that she had been experimenting with them and had decided to share the "first good selfie," even though she thought she looked a bit strange in the image.

Stewart opted out of the many selfie poses - including the ever-popular "duckface" - littering the social media site, choosing instead a very straight-faced look for the photo. 


She appears to be wearing a camo green jacket, and has beautiful pink and white flowers adorning the background of the image. 

But although Stewart thought she looked "weird" in the image, her fans quickly jumped to her defense, telling her how wonderful she looked.

"Not weird at all! Beautiful," Hannah Maxwell commented, while Kim Backer-Kelley added: "Weird in a fabulous way. Great selfie !"

In just one day, the post already had almost 32,000 likes. 

While Stewart has never before shared a selfie, even other photos of her on social media are hard to come by. But at the end of March 2018, she posted a throwback photo of herself from her modeling days. 


"My assistant found this great photo of me in my library at turkey hill Wish it was taken last month !!!photo by Henry wolf," she captioned the image in which she was wearing a tight-fitting, low-cut, short black dress and heels. 

While Stewart was clearly longing back to her youth, her fans quickly rose up in support of her in the comments section.

"You were beautiful then....and still beautiful now!" Marie posted, while Johnson Randy reiterated that same sentiment, saying: "Since i was a kid i always thought you was [sic] beauiful and still do!! Great picture!"