Dancer caught girlfriend off guard in surprise flash mob wedding proposal

Jun 13, 2018
11:04 P.M.
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The dancer planned one of the best marriage proposals in his own unique way. Fortunately, he caught it all on tape.


Samuel Azide posted a video to his YouTube channel, which showed his amazing marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Anitria Flores.

Flores thought they were only going out for a casual dinner with Azide's family to celebrate his graduation. She had no idea that the dancer had planned out a perfect flash mob to propose to her.

Azide pre-arranged the flash mob with the members of his family and friends, together with whom he performed one of the most special dance performances of his life.

In the middle of the dinner, the song, Forever, by Chris Brown starts to play in the background. Immediately, Azide gets up on his feet and starts showing off some cool dancing moves.


Flores looks completely baffled but she can only laugh at her boyfriend's moves.

From behind Azide, a waiter walks in and hands over a bouquet of roses, which he immediately presents to Flores.

Then a woman sitting on the table behind theirs rises to her feet and joins Azide in dancing. Another man joins the duo and, together, they start to dance in a perfect synchronization.


Soon, more people come in and join the group and start to dance in a group. By this time, Azide has disappeared somewhere but the group continues to dance.

After a while, they pull Flores up from her seat and take her outside the restaurant, where she is delighted to the sight of more dancers performing for her.

By this time, Flores is overwhelmed by emotions as she covers her mouth with her hand and looks almost ready to burst into tears. However, she still has no idea what Azide's real intentions are.

Azide then makes an entrance amid the crowd of dancers and goes down on one knee, presenting her the ring.