June 14, 2018

Kelly Preston opens up about her marriage to John Travolta

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Actress Kelly Preston gushed about her almost three decades of marriage with John Travolta in a recent interview.

In a guest appearance at Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the 55-year-old star shared what it was like when she first laid eyes on Travolta. Preston said she was smitten right then and there.

Preston and Travolta first met on the set of the 1989 movie, The Experts. She saw Travolta walking across the lobby where she was sitting and getting ready for a screen test.

The actress recalled that at the time, she was not happily married and admitted that she was really with the wrong person. From 1985 up until 1987, Preston was married to Kevin Gage.


The actress, who has been married to Travolta for 27 years, was asked by Cohen to list the “best and worst” parts about being the wife of the 64-year-old actor.


Preston blushed and exclaimed, “There are too many best things!”

She shared, "His lips, dancing, fun, laughing. [We still dance] all the time. Kids dance with us, we dance at the house. We go out dancing. Yeah, I love it."

It seemed perfectly clear that Preston is still very much in love with her husband even after so many years of being together.


To show how much she loves her man, Preston shared with Cohen the details of Travolta’s 50th birthday, which she planned herself.

She said that she invited over 350 people from all over the world, including big names like Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Streisand. The party was held in Cabo, San Lucas and all guests flew in just to celebrate Travolta’s birthday.

Preston recalled that Travolta initially thought all the guests were employees and customers of the hotel who came out to ask him for autographs.


She shared, “He was like, 'Oh hun. Oh my god.' And I was like, 'No just keep walking.' And coming up the stairs were Oprah and Barbra together in harmony. He said, 'Am I dead? Am I dead? Did I die? What is happening?' It was amazing."

Preston and Travolta are one of the couples in Hollywood whose relationship has lasted for so long and have stayed together through thick and thin. For more stories about them, visit our Twitter, @amomama_usa.