Undying loyalty: faithful dog protects friend from oncoming train

Jun 14, 2018
08:50 A.M.

Panda the dog showed what loyalty and friendship meant to him by staying back and protecting his friend, Lucy, who was injured by a train.


Denis Malafeev uploaded videos on Facebook that show how one dog helped his friend every time a train approached. The video clips, dated December 25, 2016, were shot in Tseglovka, Ukraine.

One dog lay with his friend and pushed her head down so she wouldn’t be hit by a fast-approaching train.

This went on for two days in Ukraine one dog’s injuries made it difficult for her to move. Malafeev shared, who later named the dogs Lucy and Panda, shared the story on social media.

Lucy was hurt but had her guardian angel, Panda, curl up on the tracks beside her every time a train passed.


On hearing an approaching train, the dog would nudge her head down and would ensure they remain flat even as the train passed just inches above their heads.

On Christmas Day that year, Malafeev received a call from friends claiming they saw a couple of dogs defying death on the railway tracks. He rushed to the spot to see that Panda was protecting his friend from anyone who tried getting too close.

He wrote, ‘Several attempts to remove the animal from the rail were in vain. Because the dog strongly defended her from us.’ He watched the chilling scene repeat itself.


He also noticed that Panda would warm Lucy for hours together. He had realized it was important for her to remain warm to survive.

Malafeev, a dog rescuer, was finally able to earn the protector’s trust and was allowed to pick up Lucy from the tracks. Of course, Panda would join them.

He again kept her warm in the trunk of Malafeev’s car as they were taken to a local animal shelter.

The two dogs received medical help and their condition improved drastically. They were then put up for adoption and would have to be taken together.

For Malafeev, Panda was a hero who saved his friend’s life.

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