How a desperate cow 'asked' a passerby through a fence to save her tiny calf (video)

Jun 14, 2018
04:20 P.M.
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Realizing that someone was nearby and could help her baby, she started calling to him in her own unique way to get his attention. 


A man named Dave had stopped next to a field of cows near Millbrook, Ontario, and was taking photos and video footage of the creatures when he realized that one of the cows seemed to be in distress. 

It turns out, the cow, who is called Flo, had given birth to a calf, and the tiny animal had slipped under the electric fence, leaving him isolated from his mother on the wrong side of the fence. 

Dave approached the little one cautiously, nervous about getting too close in close the calf's mother took exception to him being so near her baby. 

But the closer Dave got, the more she seemed to be reassuring him that she wanted his help getting her calf back to her so that she could feed him. 


In the footage, which was shared to YouTube, Dave looked around for a way to help the calf back to his mother through the electric fence, and eventually picked up a stick which he used to partially lift the bottom thread of the fence. 

Then he started gently trying to nudge the little one to his feet and through the tiny gap he had managed to create for him. Both Dave and the calf received light shocks as they grapped with the fence. 


Fortunately, the calf didn't make any sounds of discomfort that could have called his mother to his defense, as Dave realized full-well that the electric fence would not protect him from her wrath should she believe he was hurting her baby. 

Dave managed to help the calf through the fence back to his mother, where he then took a few wobbly steps to reach her side. 

Flo was delighted to have her baby back, and gave him a quick sniff inspection to make sure he was safe and sound. Dave gave the baby one last pat on the side through the fence, and then stepped back from the pair. 

Before leaving, Dave told the farm owners what had occurred, and they quickly sent someone out to make sure that the calf was properly examined and tagged.