Daily News: Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani admits to dating a Republican fundraiser

Jun 16, 2018
01:25 A.M.
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The personal lawyer to President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, has started dating one of his colleagues soon after his wife filed for a divorce. 


Giuliani confirmed on Wednesday that he had gone on a few dates with 56-year-old Jennifer LeBlanc, who works as a political fundraiser from Lafayette, Louisiana, according to Daily News

The former mayor of New York has made waves in the news cycle after his contentious split with his wife, Judith Nathan. Judith was Giuliani's third wife and the couple was married for 15 years.

He had admitted to Page Six that he and LeBlanc had gone on three dates since the last two or three weeks. He added that he shared a very good friendship with LeBlanc.


Giuliani clarified that his breakup with Judith was not because of his relationship with LeBlanc.

"Totally untrue. Hadn't seen her for 10 years and met her again three weeks ago. Only been out three times or so.”

Rudy Giuliani, Daily News, June 13, 2018.

He took LeBlanc to dinner on Wednesday night in Washington. Giuliani added that Judith and LeBlanc do not know each other. He met LeBlanc two months after his legal separation with Judith. 63-year-old Judith filed for divorce on April 2.


On Monday, Giuliani announced that he was traveling to Lafayette, Louisiana, to attend a rally for congressional candidate Josh Guillory. LeBlanc is employed by Guillory.

His endorsement of Guillory came as a surprise since Guillory's opponent Clay Higgins has been very supportive of Trump. According to sources, Giuliani met LeBlanc on the 2008 campaign trail, where she worked as his financial chairwoman.

It was reported that Giuliani met New Hampshire medical professional Maria Ryan during the same time. As reported by Giuliani had an affair with Maria, who is married, before his separation from Judith.

The 74-year-old denied the reports. Maria had joined Giuliani during his trip to Israel earlier this month. He was captured on video dancing with Maria waving a napkin over his head at a restaurant in Jerusalem.

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