Well-endowed man boasts of sleeping with 'Oscar winners'

Jun 16, 2018
11:05 A.M.
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47-year-old Jonah Falcon revealed that his 13.5-inch appendage helped him bed with Oscar nominees and winners, but derailed his own acting career.


The Sun reported that the aspiring actor claimed that his “handicap” was the world’s naturally biggest.

Casting directors reject major roles in movies citing his 13.5-inch manhood. His asset has turned out to be his biggest handicap.

He added that people generally Google his name and say they cannot use him because he is known for his size.

He is good friends with two casting directors who have told him what goes on in the minds of the makers. He ends up doing smaller parts.

He knows he could find jobs in the UK or Germany, however, in Hollywood major networks or studios never want to hire him.


He said that he might produce a movie himself one day. He promises that he would do a full frontal scene then. 


Falcon says he is happy with his body and would not want it any other way. There are plenty of advantages and one of them is being sought out by celebrities eager to spend some private time with him.

The native New Yorker is bisexual and claimed he has bedded several famous people, including porn stars, and actors.

“Yes, I’ve slept with celebrities including Oscar nominees and Oscar winners. But I can’t talk about that. I can’t even say it was men or women – it’s very limited list so I don’t want to narrow it down.”

Jonah Falcon, The Sun, June 12, 2018.


He did give a hint saying it was not Meryl Streep. He is happy the appendage has thrown him in the limelight as it is mostly the others who seek him out. 

He considers it to be a compliment when porn stars tell him that he is the biggest they have ever seen.

Falcon revealed that he measures between eight and nine inches when flaccid and 13 and a half inches other times. He added that it was “thicker” than his wrist.

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