Nia Long melts hearts with sweet photo of her mom and 2 sons

Aby Rivas
Jun 18, 2018
11:39 A.M.
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The “Boyz n the Hood” star recently shared a beautiful portrait of her mom and her two kids after celebrating Mother’s Day together. Long, like her mother, was also a single mom for quite some time, until she met her now fiancé.


Nia Long, better known for her roles in series like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Third Watch,” stunned fans with a lovely picture of her family that shows just how much her sons resemble their beautiful grandmother. 

In the pic, shared by Nia on Mother’s Day in her Instagram, her sons Massai, 17 and Kez, 6, posed with bright smiles alongside their grandma, Talita Long. The adorable trio looks a lot like each other, and as fans pointed out in the comment section that the resemblance between them is uncanny.


Nia’s parents divorced when she was two-years-old, and she moved to Iowa City with Talita while she finished college and later moved to Los Angeles, where Talita was planning to marry once again, but she ended up calling off the engagement.

Speaking to Yahoo’s Spotlight to Nightlight a few years ago, Nia opened up about growing up with a single mom, saying:

“It’s very interesting how we repeat patterns in our family. It was a lot different because my mom was fresh out of college, she was a lot younger, we lived in South Central Los Angeles, and money was hard, times were a lot more difficult.” 


Despite all the difficulties, Long remembers her childhood being filled with fun, vacations, and educational trips to museums and more, an effort that Talita made to expose Nia to more possibilities and experiences outside of her comfort zone.

Nia, 47, then had to go through her own experience as a single mom when she had her first son with Massai Dorsey but their relationship didn’t work out. She explained that despite having to split her time between work and her son, her secret was to always be there in the mornings and nights to actually talk to her son and have bonding time.


In 2010, she started dating former NBA star Ime Udoka, and the next year they welcomed their first son, Kez. The couple then confirmed their engagement in 2015, and even though they haven’t tied the knot officially, Nia now gets to have a paternal figure for her sons and a pair of hands to help.


Still, Nia has a lot to be thankful for, and her mother is definitely on the top of the list, as she let her know with a heartfelt message on Instagram that says:

“Mommy and me on my 30th birthday. Thank you, mommy, for all the sacrifices you make every day to keep this family functioning and whole. I love you.”

We’re glad to know that Nia has such a beautiful and united family, we hope to see a marriage portrait with all of them together very soon.