Clever little parrot made his own 'peacock costume' from scraps of paper

Jun 19, 2018
04:26 A.M.
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The little parrot clearly hopes to become a fashion icon with an incredibly creative peacock costume for itself.


Newsflare shared a cute video of a parrot at work at Mizhrichynskyi Regional Landscape Park, Ukraine, on March 6, 2015.

A parrot in the park in Chernihivs'ka Oblast, in Ukraine, has a hidden talent – he could make his own costume. 

He probably has a desire to look like a peacock hence he nibbles a piece of paper, tears rectangular pieces and attaches them under his wings.

The action continues for a minute and 13 seconds and he ends up with a large number of paper feathers just like a peacock.

Another parrot is quite popular on YouTube with a compilation of its tricks receiving over two million views so far.


The Senegal parrot named Kili has some cool tricks up its sleeve with many calling it ‘the ultimate parrot.’

A channel named Parrot Wizard uploaded the video which starts with the bird fetching a ball for its owner. A popular trick for dogs, many would be surprised with Kili’s precision of picking up the ball with its beak, bringing it back, and dropping it in its owner’s hand.


The next trick is the classic one of playing dead. When the man points his fake finger gun towards Kili, it drops on its back and lays until he releases it.

For the bat trick, the parrot hangs upside down from the man’s hand just a bat does.


There are other tricks too. It shakes its head when the owner says “Shake,” it raises its head up and down for a yes with the command ‘Nod.’

When the man says ‘Turn Around,’ it spins 360 degrees on the floor or the perch. Finally, the parrot also waves by picking up a foot and giving it a little wave.

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