Adorable photo of 6-year-old girl crying when parents get married

Jun 20, 2018
05:27 P.M.
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The little girl had to be consoled by her sister and her friend during the ceremony, and she later explained to her mother why she had been so emotional. 


6-year-old Lexi Gibson was a flowergirl at her parents' wedding in May 2018 at Harpor's Vineyard, Iowa. While Jenni and Timmy Gibson exchanged their vows, guests noticed that the little girl was sobbing. 

Jenni later told People that she had heard people whispering that her daughter was crying, and asked her why she was upset. 

“She said, ‘Everything was just so beautiful, mommy.’ She said that’s why she was crying, she was so happy for our wedding,” Jenni explained. 


Photographs of the sweet girl were snapped as she cried, and some of them show her friend, who was also a flowergirl, putting her arm around her shoulder to comfort her. 

Jenni was incredibly touched by the sweet photos of her daughter. 


“I was overwhelmed with emotions. I didn’t know it was that important to her,” Jenni expressed. “She felt so happy that day so it made me feel like I made the best decision of our lives.”

Jenni and Timmy have three children, 8-year-old daughter Riley, 6-year-old Lexi, and 2-year-old son Lincoln. 


The couple met when they were just 16 years old, and have been together ever since. While they've always been committed to one another, Jenni confessed that finally tying the knot left her finally feeling at peace.

Of course, the significance of that moment was also conveying to their little ones, who were all excited for them to finally be married. 


“In their minds, a wedding means the people love each other,” Jenni explained. “With my kids, I think for them it meant we’ll never be a part, because they see in movies and cartoons that the ending is always marriage and everyone is happy.”

The emotion showed by Lexi during the ceremony was just proof of how important it was for her parents to be married, but Jenni was pleased that they had waited for the children to be old enough to appreciate the day with them.