June 25, 2018

Dumbfounded woman shared video of couple 'getting it on' in the back of an airplane

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Kiley Tully was shocked to receive a 45-second clip from her parents on a Silver Airways flight to Mexico capturing a couple indulging in sexual intercourse on the seat behind them.

Kiley Tully shared a shocking video clip captured by her parents on their flight to Mexico. The video featured an anonymous couple having passionate sex on the seat behind them in the Silver Airways flight.

In the video, a brunette was seen sitting up on her partner, thrusting in an up and down motion, causing a repeated turbulence.

The unidentified woman was dressed in white and was two seats behind Tully’s parents. The woman who was completely engrossed in the act was apparently unaware that it was being filmed on a camera phone by Tully’s mother.


The mother also panned the camera to the rows of passengers seated in front of her, showing how they appeared to be unperturbed by the unusual movement they could feel from the seats in the back.


The airlines investigated the clip and officially confirmed that the incident had taken place on one of their aircrafts.

Speaking to The NY Post, Misty Stoller, the spokeswoman of the Florida-based airline stated that the airline team was treating the issue with seriousness and were cracking down on the authenticity of the footage.

A similar incident was reported a few months ago on a Virgin Atlantic flight to Cancun, where a woman was spotted in the in-flight bathroom sitting on the toilet while a man was standing before her with his pants undone


In light of the incident filmed and shared by the Tullys, Silver Airways responded that they were looking into specific flight information.

While she did not provide any additional comments to The Post, Tully expressed her shock online, stating that she was stunned to receive the footage from her parents who were looking forward to a pleasant trip.

The video went viral online, with a viewership of over 3.6 million. You can watch the video here.

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