Hilarious video shows 'scaredy' cat chased around the kitchen by mean rat

Jun 22, 2018
12:50 A.M.
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A pet ginger cat in China named Dai Mei was seen timidly running away from a huge rat, leaving the cat owner baffled.


A funny video of an unusual cat-and-rat chase in a house in Ankang, China has recently gone viral.

The 2-year-old ginger cat named Dai Mei has been given the tagline ‘Dai Mei, the shame of all cats’ after the unusually timid behavior it exhibited while being chased down by its much smaller nemesis.

The video captured the tension between Dai Mei and a hefty black rat in the kitchen of the cat owner’s home.

Despite being from the feline species, known for their power over rats and mice, Dai Mei was seen running away in fear from the rat.

When the rat suddenly appeared before Dai Mei, the owner felt confident that her cat would scare off the rodent, and decided to film the duel.


The woman was shocked to witness a complete role reversal, watching her cat back up and run for her life as the rat fiercely chased it for a prowl.


As the fight progressed, the rat appeared to be in no mood to give up. It quickened its pace and finally bit the cat on one of her hind legs, leaving Dai Mei squealing in pain.

The footage that concluded on Dai Mei’s defeat was shared online by her owner, and the video instantly went viral.


The reaction of her pet may have left her speechless, but the woman did chime in on Dai Mei’s infamous defeat.

She reportedly stated that Dai Mei was a gift given to her by a friend. She added that the cat had always been a shy creature.

Speaking of Dai Mei’s unusual fear, the owner shared that the cat had never seen a rat before the one that confronted her, which would explain the cat’s instinct to run away in fear.

Another cat displayed a similar reaction to being face-to-face with a rat in a different viral video from Tianjin, China. The video featured a frightened being chased by a rat on a busy street, much to the amusement of the passers-by.

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