Woman shaves legs in hotel pool full of children (video)

Jun 22, 2018
07:50 A.M.
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The video captured by a Reddit user shows a woman shaving her legs by a public swimming pool completely disregarding the fact that many children were playing in it.


The footage was secretly filmed at a hotel in Florida and uploaded to Reddit user, u/screwsausage, on May 28, 2018.

The woman seemed to care little about other people's space or rights, using a public pool as her bathroom. She can be seen shaving her legs in the pool.

A Reddit user who witnessed the incident decided to film as the woman was grooming herself. It seems that she felt her behavior was not out of the ordinary.

The pool was full of children and adults who swam to refresh themselves, while the woman sat by herself with a razor in her hand.


A few children can be seen enjoying their time at the pool just a few feet away from the woman who was wearing a one-piece swimsuit.

She seemed entirely focused on the task at hand and seemed to care little about the surroundings.

What seems to make it worse is that she rinses off her razor blade in the pool water before checking on the back of her legs.


None of the other swimmers or patrons at the hotel seemed to take notice of the situation. Even if anyone did, nobody came forward to stop her from doing it.

The only person who did notice was the man filming her. The user uploaded the video on Reddit.

The clip immediately attracted the attention of other users with more 55,000 people upvoted it on the website. It also received more than 1,600 comments from all those who watched it.

A user, muh_feelz157 recounted their experience working at a public pool and said that it always attracted 'the worst of humanity.' 

Another Reddit user, Pyrokill188, advised that people should swim at a local gym in which one probably only swims in other people's sweat.

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