Ann Coulter said that weeping immigrant children are 'child actors'

Jun 23, 2018
02:48 A.M.
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In a 90-second outburst, Ann Coulter said the “weeping and crying” immigrant children in detention centers are “child actors” and urged the President to not fall for it.


The Young Turks shared the clip on their YouTube channel and discussed the conservative commentator’s comments she made on a Fox News panel on June 17, 2018.

Coulter claimed that the immigrant children crying as they are separated from their parents at the border were child actors.

She made the comment when she appeared on Fox News while shedding some light on the media’s coverage of the administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy.

Daily Mail reported that the number of children separated from their parents in six weeks could be as high as 2,000.


She also had a piece of warning for President Donald Trump. She said, “These child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now – do not fall it, Mr. President.”


She claimed that she got nervous about Trump getting his news from television. She said that the children were being used as anchors in order to bring more relatives into the country illegally.

Accompanying her on the panel were Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle and former Republican Rep Jason Chaffetz who appear to agree with Coulter’s remarks until she said “child actors,” and was interrupted by host Steve Hilton.

Coulter continued to talk over him, defending her comments and also quoted a source – The New Yorker. According to her, the article published described that the children were coached and given scripts by liberals.


As the clip went viral on social media, several journalists urged her to share the specific article she had referred to in her statement. 

She responded by tweeting a link to a 2011 article, which spoke about immigrants being encouraged to exaggerate the risk they face in their home countries to gain asylum.

Coulter wrote, ‘If you had 3 functioning brain cells you’d be able to find 1 article on how phony asylum cases are.’ 


The author of the article, Suketu Mehta, replied to her tweet accusing her of not having ‘3 functioning brain cells.’ He said his article was not about child actors, but about the narratives of adults. He urged her not to mention his article to support her ‘racist positions.’

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Mehta said he was shocked to hear the mention of his piece, which he claimed, had no child actors, no liberals handing out scripts to child actors.’

He added that it was clear she had not read the article and the only inference he drew was that she either “lied or she’s truly illiterate.” 

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