Husky left astounded by owner who plays a disappearing trick on him (video)

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 24, 2018
02:30 P.M.
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A dog is dumbfounded by his owners magic act


A video posted on Instagram has gone viral and garnered nearly 2 million visualizations in one week. The video shows the reaction of a dog whose owner likes to dabble in magic.

Sandra Pettersen, a Londoner who owns the adorable husky, decided to introduce her pet to the mysteries of illusionism by performing the 'sheet trick'

Pettersen's pet, a three-year-old Siberian husky called Jax, 3, was happily sharing some quality time with her when the 'incident' happened.

Pettersen, 23, held up a sheet in front of her body, as her dog watches her intently. She then flung the sheet into the air and an into the hallway, creating the illusion that she had disappeared.


As the sheet fell to the floor, the bewildered dog stared at the floor as if wondering where she had vanished to. Jax jumped down from the couch and looked around the room, and became distressed when he couldn't find her. To his relief, Pettersen reappeared from behind the door and hugged and comforted him.


Jax has his own Instagram page with over 40,000 followers, and that is where his owner posted the clip. Pettersen captioned it with: 'What the!? Where did you go?'

Pettersen is originally from Norway and is a medical student at the University of Westminster. She shares Jax with her boyfriend Sam who is in the Royal Anglian Regiment.

The three live together in a cozy apartment in London, but since Sam spends a lot of time away in Nigeria on his tours of duty, Jax is Pettersen's friend and furry companion when he is away. 

Jax's eager fans, who follow all his adventures on his Instagram page, are eager to see what mischief Pettersen will get up to next with her adorable pet.