Daring rescue as officer breaks car window to release a trapped bear (video)

Jun 25, 2018
12:30 P.M.
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Placer County Sheriff shared how one of their officers came to the rescue of a beer that was inside trapped inside a vehicle.


Through their official Twitter account, the department posted a video that showed Deputy Lade cautiously breaking the side window of a private vehicle to help the beer escape.

The department also notified in the public interest not to leave food in the vehicle while visiting the Lake Tahoe area. 'The inside of the car didn't fare well,' the tweet further read.

The beer reportedly damaged the insides of the car so much that they could not be unlocked, the sheriff's department shared.


So to save the trapped animal and let it free, the officer decided there was no other way than to break one of the windows of the vehicle.

The video shows the officer approaching the door carefully. Once he smashes the window, he wastes no more time to rush away from the spot.


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No sooner has the officer scurried away, a bear sneaks out of the broken window and makes a run toward the forest area.

The department also took to Facebook to share the same video and wrote that the bear got into a Subaru Outback in Carnelian Bay.​


​​​​​​The officer was unable to unlock the door to rescue the animal, so he decided that the best way to help the trapped animal was to break the window.


The official social media post also addressed the courage of the deputy by writing that he was 'brave enough' to break the window so that the bear could jump out and escape to the forest.

One confused Twitter user asked in the comment, 'How did it get in? Couldn't get out the way it got in?' To which, the Placer Sheriff's Twitter account replied that the bears are 'great' at opening car doors, but they are trapped once it closes behind them.