Flight attendant notices struggling old woman and takes her into 1st class

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 27, 2018
11:43 A.M.
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This flight attendant realized that an elderly passenger on his flight was struggling in coach, and decided he would do whatever he could to make her trip more comfortable. 


Jeffery Jones is a flight attendant for Delta Airlines in the United States, and was on duty on March 7, 2018, on a flight from Detroit to Nashville, where he noticed an elderly lady with Parkinson's disease sitting in coach. 

He didn't even skip a beat before walking up to the lady, taking her by the hand, helping her out of her seat, and leading her to a free upgraded seat in first class. 

Sharon Radcliffe was also a passenger on the flight, and witnessed the incredible care that Jones offered the elderly passenger throughout the entire flight. She later posted the wonderful story to Facebook


Throughout the flight, Jones continuously checked on the elderly woman, making sure she was comfortable, helping her out of her seat, and walking up and down the plane with her holding onto her hand. 

At one point, Radcliffe asked Jones if he needed help getting her to the bathroom, and while he thanked her for the offer, assured her that he was able to help her without a problem. 


"He told me 'I GOT THIS'! He told me his grandmother had Parkinson's and that he was all good," Radcliffe wrote. 

Radcliffe shared how emotional it made her watching this attentive young man go out of his way to help his passenger.


"As I sat in my seat - I literally had tears in my eyes," she confessed. 

Before disembarking the plane, Radcliffe shared with Jones that she works in healthcare, and that her mother had just recently been diagnosed with the same disease. 

"I am a nurse, and I am so impressed with how you took care of that lady. My mother is a very young 70 years old and is a newly diagnosed Parkinson's patient. I hope one day someone treats her as well as you treated that lady!" she told him. 

Radcliffe's post has over 23,000 reactions, almost 14,000 shares, and 1,500 comments on it.