George Jones’ last living sister Helen has passed away

Jun 27, 2018
03:46 A.M.
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Helen celebrated her 96th birthday last month and was like a mother to George Jones after their mother Clara passed away.


A post on the official Facebook page of the late iconic musician George Jones, announced the tragic demise of the star’s last living sibling, his sister Helena Louise Scroggins, on June 24. 

Jones’ team wrote that Helena was a sweet human being who had a special place in Jones’ heart. He considered her to be like a mother to him, after their beloved mother Clara Jones passed away in April 1974.

Helena was one of the five sisters of Jones, who also had a brother. The seven children were raised in Colmesniel, Texas by parents George Washington and Clara Jones.


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According to Classic Country Music, Helena and Jones, along with the other siblings, were very close to each other during their growing-up years, and Clara had been a doting mother to them.

All the seven children had grown up with music at home. While their father played the guitar and the harmonica, their mother Clara played the piano at the Baptist Church on Sundays.


Clara had a strong presence and impact on the life of Jones, who was her youngest child. The star’s love for music is attributed to her mother’s musical talent.

In an interview with Texas Monthly in 1994, Jones had shared that nobody loved him like his mother did. Clara tragically passed away in 1974 at the age of 78 and it shattered Jones. 

By then, he had risen to fame as one of America’s finest musicians. Since the tragedy, the void left in Jones’ life by the loss of his mother was filled by his affectionate elder sister Helen.

In the years that followed, Jones and Helen lost all their other siblings, and Helen lived the longest. While Jones passed away in 2013 at the age of 81, Helen lived until the age of 96 in Woodville, Texas.

Along with the sad news of Helen’s demise, Jones team also shared a few photos, including a candid click of the brother-and-sister duo sharing a happy moment.