Kim Kardashian shows off her wonderful curves in a tiny outfit

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 29, 2018
09:41 A.M.
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Kim Kardashian made headlines over the weekend when she vowed to take fewer selfies because there is more to life than being on the phone 24/7. 


However, four days after telling that to Sam Rubin on the This Morning Show, Kim posted a dressing room selfie in which she can be seen wearing a grey bra and black thong. 

The caption only contained three letters - WTP - which may stand for 'what's the point,' leading her followers to assume that she returned to her selfie-taking ways. 

As reported by People, WTP could also refer to a track by Teyana Taylor. The track has been described as her most explicit song yet, from the album K.T.S.E, produced by Kanye West. 


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"It’s not all about sitting there taking selfies, I just like to live there in real life, I don’t mind pictures, but I’m just not on my phone like I used to be.” 

Kim Kardashian, YouTube / This Morning, June 22, 2018.

It could also stand for What's The Problem, or could refer to an Eminem track titled White Trash Party, as Daily Mail pointed out. 


However it may stand, a significant portion of Kim's 113 million Instagram followers were delighted that selfies and skimpy outfits were back on the menu. 

Fahad Gulzar said Kim has an amazing body while a user known only as Karla said she would 'pick Kim over Kylie any day.' 

Kate Marie said Kim is one hot mama, while Bea added that she has the body of a goddess, and said Kim is her 'body goal.'


Fans of Kim can look forward to her upcoming cameo appearance in Ocean's 8, which was released earlier this month. 

She also serves as the executive producer on the TV series, You Kiddin' Me, which is currently in pre-production and will be scheduled for release in 2019.