Six-month-old baby says first words after trying peas for the first time (video)

A six-month-old baby spoke for the first time while being fed peas by her parents. Surprisingly, her first words reflected her strong detest for the greens.

A video uploaded to YouTube revealed that just when the baby's mother was about to feed her a second spoon of peas, she tries to fend off the spoon with her hand and says something closely similar to the words, 'I done.'

Immediately, the parents burst up in laughter. They are in complete shock with their baby's first words. "She said, 'I done!' She said, 'I done!'" the father finds it hard to contain his excitement.

Her eyes are suddenly full of tears as she starts to show her distaste for peas to her parents. She also repeatedly pushes away the spoon. Occasionally, she also bangs her table as if revolting against being fed

At one point in the video, the father jokingly asked the mother, "Why'd you feed her peas?" She replied by informing him that babies should be fed non-sweet foods first.

Several viewers of the video noticed this fact and pointed it out in the comments to the video. Alexa Don, a commenter, said, 'She was beating the tray on her high chair like how wrestlers beat the mat when they’re done/can’t take anymore/quit...'

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Other commenters joined in to compare baby's reaction to the activities they themselves detest doing. Hope commented, 'Me after doing math once.'

Others left a word of sympathy for the baby upon being fed the peas. 'When the baby starts tapping out you know [it's] bad,' wrote one commenter.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

However, there were also some doubters, who were not convinced that the baby's first words were actually a comprehensible word rather than a normal mumbling of the baby. Moderator Sylveon wrote, 'Eh sounded like a normal baby it didn't sound like I'm done.'

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