Bride and groom stun guests with amazing 'footloose' wedding dance

Newlyweds Michael and Jerusha turned a traditional slow dance into a high-energy segment, much to the surprise of their friends and family.

When California couple Michael and Jerusha walked on to the dance floor for the traditional slow dance on their wedding day, their closest friends and family members cheered them with applause.

The guests were ready to witness the duo dance in each other’s arms for the first time as a married couple, and Michael and Jerusha did not disappoint them.

After the couple walked onto the stage hand-in-hand, Jerusha threw her arms around Michael, while he gently held Jerusha, and the newlyweds began to sway.

Jerusha looked stunning and graceful in her princess-like wedding dress, as she twirled away and towards her husband

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The couple shared a knowing smile, and after they struck a long pose and shared a kiss, the soft music switched to the high-energy groove of the classic song Footloose.

Reacting to the sudden change in music, Jerusha put on a confused look, while Michael turned back and quickly threw on a cowboy hat. Read similar entertaining stories on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

The guests seated around the stage looked stunned and did not expect the mood twist that was coming their way. 

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Jerusha dropped her act of being surprised, locked eyes with Michael, and lifted her elaborate gown to show off her hidden boots.

The newlyweds displayed their footwork and coordination on the iconic dance song, while a roar of cheer and claps erupted from the guests.

The bride did not let her heavy-looking outfit come in the way of her routine, holding the skirt of her gown up throughout the dance. At one point, she even raised her leg straight up, as Michael held her and turned her around.

Michael and Jerusha struck one final pose at the end of the dance, after which shared a laugh knowing that their ploy to make their wedding memorable had succeeded.