Casey Anthony's mom storms off set during emotional interview about the death of baby Caylee

Jun 29, 2018
05:56 A.M.
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Around 10 years have passed since the tragic death of their granddaughter but the grandparents are still reeling with the pain and grief of the loss.


During an A&E special, George and Cindy Anthony opened up about their daughter, Casey's character and their opinions about her involvement in their granddaughter, Caylee's death.

Talking about whether they thought their daughter was responsible for the death of baby Caylee, the parents got so emotional that Cindy even stormed offset during one point. This occurred only moments later the couple was discussing Casey's tendency to lie.

While George was adamant in saying that he did not doubt Casey was involved in Caylee's death, Cindy tried to argue that she thought it was George who had indirectly taught her how to lie.


George also made it clear that he did not want to see his daughter ever again. When the interviewer asked him directly whether he thought Casey "had done something to Caylee," he replied, "Absolutely"

He further explained that Casey was always good at covering her tracks and several of her lies they discovered later on. She also lied to the parents about having jobs when she was jobless.

George further explained that Casey also lied about having a nanny, and she blamed her for Caylee's disappearance.


According to Daily Mail, Casey gave a made up name, Zanny, and claimed her to be the last person with whom she had seen her missing daughter.

George then stressed that he saw things 'differently from Cindy' and continued to put the blame for Caylee's death on their daughter.

Casey, however, was pointing out that George suffered from gambling addiction during those times and was even found taking link money out of her wallet. She tried to defend their daughter yet again by saying, "But George, Casey learned by example."

That was when Cindy could not keep her cool any longer and stormed off the set.


George and Cindy were on the verge of getting divorced when they learned that Casey was pregnant. Subsequently, in 2005, their granddaughter was born.

Caylee's birth changed everything for the grandparents. She helped them pull closer over the next few years. So one can only imagine how devastated the couple must have been when they heard of Caylee's sudden death.

Shocked and bereaved, George even attempted suicide in 2009.


On July 15, 2008, Caylee was reported missing for the first time by Cindy. She reported that it had been 31 days since she last saw her granddaughter.

Later that December, the little child's body was discovered not far away from home. She was wrapped in a blanket and dumped into a trash bag.

In 2017, the couple gave a joint interview in which they revealed that it was the birth of their grandson, from their son, Lee, that finally saved them from complete destruction.