Joe Jackson's secret daughter reveals she was the last to see him alive

Monica Otayza
Jun 29, 2018
07:51 A.M.
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Joe Jackson, the troubled patriarch of the famous Jackson family, passed away at the age of 89. His daughter out-of-wedlock JohVonnie jackson reveals that she was with his father during his last moments alive. 


Joe Jackson passed away in Las Vegas last Wednesday, and the official cause of death has not been announced. During a recent interview with Daily Mail UK, Jermaine Jackson revealed that his father had been ill for quite a while, and was refusing visits from most members of the family. This might be to keep up with Jackson's reputation of being a vituperative and unforgiving person, especially towards his eleven children. His children were so afraid of him that Michael Jackson once shared with Oprah Winfrey that he was so afraid of his father that he would sometimes throw up when he would see him.


Jackson was responsible for his children entering the entertainment industry, and he managed every single one of them. When his youngest daughter Janet turned sixteen, he made sure to get her a recording contract with A&M Records, and under his supervision, she made two memorable pop albums. However, after a few years of being under her own father's watch, she severed professional ties with her dad. Overall, at the expense of some exhausting years of scrutiny from Joe, his children all ended up with extremely successful careers thanks to their dad's persistence.

Now that the Jackson patriarch has passed away, people are talking about the legacy he brought into the world, which was his guidance of his children to become one of the most iconic entertainment dynasties ever, and the iron fist he used to make it happen. 


His children all called him Joseph, something that he told them to do. According to Janet Jackson, they were not allowed to call him dad, or any fatherly terms. 

"You call me Joseph. I'm Joseph to you."

However, his daughter out of wedlock JohVonnie Jackson claimed that she got to call him "daddy", and she did until his very last breath. It was her that stayed by her father's side, and she made sure to share a tribute to her father while announcing to people that he had passed. 


"Good People at 2:55 AM June 27th 2018 my Daddy departed this evil world. Im so glad I was there until the end. I had a bed right next to his. Constantly watching him and only breaking away to catch up on a few things at my home. He never had a moment alone. He was always surrounded by family. I cant even begin to tell you the strength my Dad possessed. More than anything I am so greatful to have been able to hold his hand and kiss his face while he began to transition."

May you Rest In Peace, Joe Jackson.