4 guys see drunk girl with man, immediately suspect that he does not take her home

The four teens received an award after they helped a teenage girl who was sexually assaulted by a man.

In 2016, Arnaud Nimenya, James Hielema, Starlyn Rivas-Perez and Carsyn Wright were honored for performing their exemplary act of courage at the Chief's Awards Gala in Calgary.

The four skateboarders stepped in when a man was sexually assaulting a teenage girl. They frightened him off, hunted him down, and held him until police arrested him.

Nimenya, Hielema, Rivas-Perez, and Wright were in an underground parkade at Chinook Mall when they noticed a man carrying a young woman.

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It seemed that the teenage girl was drunk and agitated at that time.

Wright told CBC News: "She was screaming and yelling. She just wanted to be out of there. She was all scuffed up and dirty."

The four friends immediately sprang into action. They stopped the well-dressed man and started to question him, determining whether or not the drunk girl was safe.

The man told them that he was attempting to call her father for a ride home. At first, the four heroes believed him, so they let him go and watched the two enter a nearby stairwell.

"You don't want to really think of the worst in somebody like that," Wright said. "You don't want that situation to be real, so you just brush it off and hope for the best."

A few minutes later, they rode off with the plan of returning to check on the girl. That was the moment they saw the man sexually assaulting her.

"He had her in a stairwell, bent over, and just, it was disgusting," said Wright.

Nimenya told CBC News that he was shocked. "You walk in, and you see something like that, and you freeze. You don't know what to do," he said.

They instantly helped the girl when they realized what was happening.

"He was trying to walk out and walk away from us," Nimenya said. "He pushed me aggressively out of the way, kinda like just gives me the smile, like, 'I can do this. You can't do anything about it.'"

When the man tried to escape, three of the teens chased him down, while one of them stayed with the girl.

Police arrived at the scene moments later, and the man was arrested, charging him with sexual assault.

Nimenya explained that he was caught off guard when police acknowledged them for their courage.

"We always thought we were going to be in trouble, because we fought with him. When they called us, we didn't wanna answer," he said.

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