Billy Dee Williams' daughter with Japanese wife is all grown up and doesn't resemble dad

Jul 02, 2018
06:46 P.M.
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The 45-year-old daughter of the Star Wars actor and his Japanese wife is the splitting image of her mother, with barely a trace of her famous father in her face. 


Hanako Williams is the daughter of Billy Dee Williams and Teruko Nakagami Williams. The couple have been married since 1972, and while both have children from previous marriages, they only have the one daughter together.

In June 2017, Hanako shared an image of herself to her Facebook page, smiling in front of an ocean backdrop as loose strands of her hair blowing in the wind. 

From the image, it's clear she has inherited her mother's good looks, with hardly a hint of her father's appearance present. 


Another image Hanako posted shows that she may have just a bit of color from her African American father in her skin. 

This image, showing her smiling in the sunshine in what looks like an Eastern country, was posted in July 2015. 


Her father, Billy, born William December Williams, has been married three times. From his first marriage to Audrey Sellers, he has a son, Corey Williams. 

Billy then married actress Marlene Clark in 1968. The marriage only lasted just over two years, and they divorced in 1971.

Just a year later, in December 1972, he married Teruko. She brought a daughter, Miyako, into the relationship from her previous marriage to African American saxophonist Wayne Shorter. 


Billy is best known for his roles in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi, but has also appeared in films such as BatmanBrain's Song, and Lady Sings The Blues

Aside from his acting career, Billy is also an accomplished artist, singer, and writer, and one of the most well known African American sex symbols in the United States. 

He is of African and West Indian descent, with his mother having been born in Montserrat.