Heroic golden retriever pup saves owner from rattlesnake

The owner shared her dog’s heroics on social media as she was saved by the golden retriever from a rattlesnake.

Paula Godwin from Arizona was rescued by her dog from a rattlesnake bite. Her puppy was with her during a hike when she ran into the snake.

On Facebook, Godwin shared the story which immediately became viral.

She said she was up early in the morning for a walk near Seventh Street in Anthem, north of Phoenix.

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Godwin did not notice the snake at first and she almost stepped on it. In a courageous act, her puppy named Todd jumped in front of Godwin’s leg, where she said she surely would have gotten bitten.

Todd made the ultimate sacrifice and saved his owner. Unfortunately, Todd was bitten by the reptile on the face.

Godwin shared photos of her dog along with the post. She wrote, ‘This is what a hero looks like.’

The series of photos showed half of Todd’s face swollen because of the bite.

According to AZ Family, Todd was taken to Animal Hospital at Anthem where he was treated by the vet.

A follow-up post by Godwin revealed that Todd is now doing well and is recovering.

A page on Twitter dedicated to dogs shared Todd’s story and also became viral.

Kaylee Godwin, Godwin’s daughter-in-law, replied on the page’s viral tweet and shared a photo of a healthier Todd.

Kaylee said Todd is doing so much better and wrote, ‘The swelling has gone down tremendously and my in-laws say he is acting like his normal energetic self again!’

A user named Edward also commented and wrote, ‘That doggo deserves a medal and steak! Somebody get that pup a porterhouse!’

Truly, a dog is a man’s best friend. They would do anything for their owners especially when the dogs know they are in danger.

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