Daily Mail: Bikini-clad Malia Obama 'wasn't in a good state' when caught partying

Malia Obama will celebrate her 20th birthday this week. The celebrations began on the weekend already, and Malia was spotted Montauk. 

Daily Mail exclusively obtained photos of the party happening at Surf Lodge and the former first daughter can be seen wearing a white t-shirt and bikini bottoms. 

Surf Lodge is a well-known hangout among A-listers, and President Trump's daughter Tiffany has also been spotted at the exclusive venue.

It's also the favorite hangout of Joe Bidden's granddaughter, Naomi. To learn more, follow us on Twitter, at AmoMama USA

According to Daily Mail, a source who observed the party 'claimed' that Malia 'wasn't in a good state,' but other sources confirmed that Malia and group of friends were not drinking alcohol.

They were seen partying, dancing to music and snacking on food. Photos taken at a restaurant later that day showed a bottle of coconut water on the table next to Malia. 

As reported by to Page Six, other celebrities who were seen at Surf Lodge this weekend include actress Christie Brinkley and singer-songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, although they were not part of Malia's birthday celebrations. 

Malia was merely having a good time with a group of friends - who appeared to be in the early twenties as well - before starting her studies at Harvard. 

She enrolled at Harvard but spent her gap year doing 'normal kid' things like traveling and working as an intern in New York, E-Online reported. 

The Bush sisters, Barbara and Jenna, shared a few words of wisdom penned in an open letter to Malia, which was published on Time

They advised Malia to 'enjoy college' and explore her passions, reminding her that she is allowed to make mistakes and learn who she is. 

'And you won't have the weight of the world on your young shoulders anymore. [...] Continue to surround yourself with loyal friends who know you.'

Jenna and Barbara, Time, January 12, 2017.  

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