John Travolta reveals 5-year-old son joining him at work behind the camera

Acting and directing runs in the Travolta family. The 64-year-old actor and producer shared an adorable Instagram post of his son. 

In the caption, Travolta told his nearly 600,000 followers that Ben, 8, was on the set of Poison Rose, which stars his sister, 18-year-old Ella Bleu. 

The thriller follows the life of an ex-football star working as a private investigator. He takes a missing person case which reveals the dark underbelly of the crime world. 

Travolta was cast in the lead role, while his daughter portrays character Rebecca Hunt. The film also features Morgan Freeman; to learn more, follow us on Twitter at AmoMama USA.

Travolta is proud of his children and regularly shares updates about their lives. Last month, he uploaded a photo of his daughter with the caption: 'Back on set with my beautiful Ella Bleu.' 

His fans clearly love her too and took to the comment section to express their approval. Ali Petro said Ella Bleu takes after her father while Sherri Hower said she is beautiful. 

A user known only as Deb Kaye said on the same post that Ella is a sweetheart and wished her all the best for the film. 'I'm excited to see you act with your dad,' she added. 

Joy-Ann remarked that it 'must be fun' for the father-and-daughter duo to work together while Joanne Pfeifer mentioned that Travolta and Kelly Preston must be proud of their daughter. 

As reported by Daily Mail, Travolta married Kelly Preston 27 years ago. Apart from Ella Bleu and Ben, they also had an older son, Jett. 

He passed away at the age of 16 when he had a seizure during a family vacation to the Bahamas nine years ago. 

Fans of Travolta can look forward to his upcoming film appearances. Speed Kills, Trading Paint, and Moose is currently in post-production and will be released later this year.  

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