July 05, 2018

Audrey Roloff shares sweet photo of husband with undressed baby in red cowboy boots

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Proud mother Audrey Roloff, known for her part in the reality show Little People Big World, shared an adorable photo of her family. Her fans couldn't get enough.

The photo, showing baby Ember Jean wearing only a diaper, a bow, and a pair of red cowboy boots, received more than 63,000 likes within four days. 

She wrote in the caption: 'If this photo doesn't make your day, I don't know what will.' Her fans agreed and left their thoughts in the comment section. To learn more, follow our Twitter page, at AmoMama USA. 

Nearly everyone loved the red boots, and Kathy Dentremont said they're priceless, while Compton noted that 'those boots are the cutest ever' 



A user known only as Baby Cake said Ember Jean 'is a darling' and warned Audrey that children grow up way too fast. 'Before you know it, she's asking you for your car keys,' she added.

Diane Willis Bewick took offense at all the comments describing Ember Jean as 'chunky,' and remarked that she is 'a normal healthy baby.' 

According to US Weekly , Audrey received criticism for the photo. Karen Luks, known online as Kelrose, wanted know why Ember Jean was naked. 


Cherry Rose had the same question, dryly remarking on the same post that Ember Jean is 'always naked.' Several users reminded her that summer is humid and that babies wear diapers. 

Lyssa Taylor couldn't understand why people are so offended 'over a baby being shirtless,' and added that it's a beautiful photo. 

Wendy Wigant told Audrey to 'ignore the haters,' saying there is nothing wrong with the photo and explained that some people will go out of their way to find fault. 

Audrey experienced complications soon after the birth, and her breastfeeding journey hasn't been easy, Pop Culture reported. 

Audrey and Jeremy welcomed Ember Jean back in September, and she will celebrate her 10-month birthday on July 10.