62-year-old grandma thinks she’s not pretty, so granddaughter surprises her with makeover

This grandmother had had a rough year, so her granddaughter wanted to treat her to something that would give her a positive change in her life. 

Mary Johnsen had lost her mother and several other loved ones, as well as had another friend hospitalized. It was an incredibly emotional year for her, and she was struggling to cope with the many losses in her life. 

After everything, her granddaughter noticed that her spirits were low. She wanted desperately to cheer her up, and organized a makeover for Johnsen with Christopher Hopkins, also known as the The Makeover Guy. 

She hoped that once her grandmother felt better about the way she looked, she would be able to see life in a more positive light



While she seemed excited about the prospect of the appointment, she became hesitant at the idea of looking "pretty" again, and it took some convincing on Hopkins' part to bring her around to the idea of changing her look. 

When she arrived, she had long straggly hair hanging way past her shoulders, with plenty of grey hairs showing at her roots. 

Her granddaughter felt that Johnsen was beautiful, and wanted more than anything for her to see it for herself



When Hopkins started making suggestions for drastic changes to her appearance, Johnsen became instantly reserved again, not able to picture any of his suggestions attached to her own head. 

Eventually, he managed to convince her to give him free reign to change her look completely. 

By the end of the appointment, Johnsen's granddaughter was shocked to see just how much she had changed in the course of just a few hours. 

Despite her hesitance to the look Hopkins proposed, she had allowed him to go ahead and give her an asymmetrical hair cut, giving her blonde highlights around her face. 

Her granddaughter was overwhelmed with the transformation, hugging Johnsen joyfully when she revealed her new look.  

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