'Empire's star Trai Byers gives his wife a gentle kiss in touching photo from friends' wedding

Trai Beyers and Grace Gealey are one of the cutest couples in the entertainment industry to have come out from a TV show. They met on “Empire” and now are husband and wife. They are not shy when it comes to showing off their love, as proved by a photo recently shared by Gealey.

Grace and Trai’s love story is almost like out of a fairytale book. They met on set of the Fox’ successful drama series, and they knew almost immediately that they were made for each other. A year later, they were getting married in a private ceremony at Grand Cayman Island.

In a post made to her Instagram a few days ago of a Polaroid picture, Grace is smiling sweetly wearing a pink dress while her husband kisses her cheek looking dapper in a blue suit and holding a glass of champagne. “Pure niceness,” Grace wrote. The photo was taken at a friend’s wedding, and they certainly look amazing.

The 33-years-old actress, who gave life to Anika Calhoun through four seasons of the series, admitted on an appearance on the now-canceled show FabLife that she’s not a fan of “flings” at the workplace. So, her involvement with Trai was serious from the beginning.

“I think that if two people are mature and they're able to understand that if this doesn’t work out — 'cause first, I'm not a fan of flings when you work, cause that's where it gets a little dangerous," she said. "I think that if you do get involved — I keep wanting to say on set — I think that if you do get involved at your workplace, you have to know that this is something that you want to be invested in, and this is just not just something that is frivolous and fleeting."

Trai recently melted hearts with a sweet message he wrote for his wife on Instagram after her character’s death on the show, saying “You have expressed a talent, spirit, professionalism, and light that is completely genuine and unmatchable. I admire you; I respect you, I learn from you! Thank you for Anika Calhoun!”

The handsome actor, who gives life to Andre Lyon on the series, added:

“I look forward to seeing more characters from you with the depth, complexity, and fullness that you are capable of! You are amazing! And baby, as you leave, remember that you’re taking the best thing with you...ME!! (Hehehe) And you’ll always be the greatest gift I’ve gotten from being on this show. Thank you.”

Trai and Grace are definitely “couple goals,” and we’re glad they’re still going strong.

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