July 06, 2018

Parents plan funeral for 10-year-old terminally ill girl, but today she is full of life

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Parents Patty and Joe Furco thought they were going to lose their daughter, who was ten at the time, and began making plans for her funeral. To their surprise, she was miraculously healed.

In 2016, Abby was very ill and her parents were told by doctors to prepare themselves since she wasn’t going to last long. The family was devastated but they made sure Abby felt loved until the very end.

Although, they were all shocked when the young girl started to recover on her own. Even the doctors could not explain the reason behind it.

At present, Abby is busy living her life to the fullest and looking forward to the future. For more updates about the young survivor, follow us on Twitter at AmoMama USA


Abby was diagnosed with Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2011. She was only four years old at the time. The doctors said she only had a 20 percent chance of living.


Over the next six years, Abby’s family, including her mom, dad, and siblings Maggie, 13, and Emily, 6, spent most of their time at hospitals.

Within those times, Abby had a bone marrow transplant, intense chemotherapy, and radiation treatments as well as a trial drug.

Speaking with People, Patty said, “We kept her surrounded by love because we knew at any moment we could lose her.”

By October 2013, Abby had recovered and enjoyed a full year cancer-free. She indulged herself with whatever kids her age do and even went back to school.


Unfortunately, the cancer returned in September 2014. It became harder to take for the family the second time around. They had to move from Virginia to Chicago to be closer to Abby’s hospital.

Patty kept their friends and family updated on Abby's condition by posting on Facebook.

Abby’s condition kept getting worse. Her kidneys began failing in May 2016 and doctors had already told the family that she would only have 48 hours to live is she was taken off of her dialysis.

According to Patty, the doctors told them that it was time to let Abby go since she was only awake for about an hour each day back then. 


Patty revealed that they began preparing for her death and made funeral arrangements.

In June 2016, Abby was taken back to Virginia to be close to her friends and family. Everyone said their goodbyes, including her grandparents who flew in to see her one last time.


As they were preparing for the worst, a miracle happened. Abby woke up on her own.

Patty shared that they couldn’t believe it and they were amazed at how Abby recovered fast. Within months, she was able to walk on her own and was getting stronger.

Dr. Jacob Wessler, Abby’s pediatric hematologist and oncologist, said there was no way to explain the girl’s sudden recovery. 

Although, he pointed out that Abby’s will to live was a big contribution to her fast healing.