Camilla reveals Prince Charles' favorite foods and what Royals never eat

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, appeared on a food show and discussed Prince Charles' love for food.

70-year-old Camilla Parker Bowles showed up on the sets of Masterchef Australia where she met the participants on the show. She spoke to judge Gary Mehigan about food items that Prince Charles couldn't resist.

Camilla also gave an insight into what foodstuff one should not serve to any member of the Royal Family. When Mehigan queried Camilla about the food habits of Charles, she said that the heir to the throne loved local cheeses.

She added that Charles also found any dish with eggs and a bed of local vegetables irresistible. She said that if anyone offered Charles his favorite food, he could not hide his smile. 

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When Mehigan asked what one shouldn't serve at a royal gathering, Camilla thought for a bit and said that it was garlic. Mehigan speculated that it must be because the members of the Royal Family are always chatting.

Camilla agreed and said that the strong odor of garlic can become an unpleasant distraction during gatherings and must be avoided.

Camilla and Charles frequently attend their charities and get to enjoy delicacies prepared by the locals. As reported by People, the couple visited Wales where the locals made an effort to bake the biggest Welsh cake ever.

Their effort went in vain as some of the cake tumbled town the cooker. The special cake was baked in a custom-made contraption on Tuesday at Llangwm, West Wales. 

Chef Owen Hall, who was in charge of the record-breaking cake baking attempt, revealed that some of the 70-pounder cake fell off the cooker on to the ground when his team tried to flip it.

Hall agreed that the plan did not go as he wanted before the arrival of the royal couple but was confident to achieve the desired result in his next attempt.

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