July 06, 2018

Jennifer Hudson's ex David Otunga melts hearts in throwback pic with Kenyan dad and white mom

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It's never easy to lose a father, and even though he lost his 15 years ago, David Otunga made sure to pay tribute to him on his death anniversary this year. 

Jennifer Hudson's ex, David, was born to a Kenyan father and an American mother. His dad was a man full of dreams, one that supported him in everything he did. 

The photo the retired WWE wrestler chose to upload was one from his college graduation, where his father hugged him tight. In this moment, he said that his father whispered to him how this was the proudest day of his life, the other being his kindergarten graduation. 


Not too long after his graduation day, he and his father started talking about being a lawyer. His dad, who went by the name Moses, said that it was always his dream to become a lawyer, but never thought he was smart enough for it. 

To his son, that was crazy, because he knew his father had a PhD, 2 Masters Degrees, and a Certificate of Advanced Studies. 

"This was crazy to me because my dad earned his PhD, 2 different Masters Degrees, a Certificate Of Advanced Studies and on and on. My dad had more degrees than any other person I have ever met!"


Being the good son that he is, David wanted to make his dad proud. At the last minute, he decided to take the LSAT, which at that time was only three weeks away. According to him, his dad was extremely excited. 

"It was just something I was doing with my dad and he encouraged me to “just see how well you can do. I ended up doing... fairly well. I remember my dad went crazy when he found out how well I did! I don’t think I had ever seen him so excited. He took charge of my applications and said I should just apply to the top 10 law schools only!”


Moses shared with his son that when he was growing up in Kenya, as a child he would hear of a "mythical" school named Harvard, where the smartest people in the world studied. He said that it was his dream to just visit Harvard. Out of excitement, the proud dad would call his son every day to ask if he had heard back from any schools. According to David, "he was so excited he couldn't wait, just like a kid eagerly anticipating Christmas". 

However, while David was out, he suddenly got a call, and found out that his dad had passed away. At that point, he was numb and devastated. 


Just a couple of days later, he got accepted into Harvard Law School. It was one of the most bittersweet moments of his life, knowing that his dad just missed his acceptance by a few days. 

" I wanted to see his face light up when he heard I was accepted into Harvard. I wanted to feel him hug me just one more time and hear him tell me how proud he was of me. Initially, I hadn’t intended on going to law school, but I decided to do it as a way to honor my dad. That’s why my Harvard Law Degree means so much to me... it’s for my dad."

Is there a more perfect son than David Otunga?