Janet Jackson's little son makes cameo in video as she thanks fans for support after father's death

Janet Jackson, one of the late Joe Jackson’s children, took to Instagram to share a video admitting to being excited to see her fans of her upcoming concerts.

In the short shooting, the woman appeared recording herself saying that she couldn’t wait to see her fans, that it’s been so long since she did so, and that she missed them ‘so much.’

Janet pointed out that she was about to jump on the plane to re-start her State of the World tour – which is the eighth concert tour the singer has done in her career.

Even though what she was saying in the video was important for her fans, Janet’s one-year-old son Eissa Al Mana made a fun ‘sound-cameo’ during the recording.

The boy started moving his feet and trying to say something and Janet noticed it, so she admitted that those sounds were produced by Eissa. By the end of the recording, she told Eissa that she would pick him up and said goodbye to her fans.

For the caption, Janet thanked her fans and followers for all the love and support they have shown, especially during the difficult time the entire Jackson family has endured after Joe’s passing.

That video was uploaded a couple of days after Janet and Eissa were seen together during Joe’s funeral. As Celebritist previously reported, most of the members of the Jackson family got together on July 2 for their patriarch’s funeral.

The private service was held at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California, where Joe's son Michael Jackson is also interred.

The King of Pop’s resting place is in a private mausoleum in the same cemetery that is inaccessible to the public. It was not clear whether the family would lay Joe’s body in the same crypt as he and Michael didn’t have a good relationship.

Before his death, the Michael had cut his father out of his will, leaving his mother Katherine and his children as the beneficiaries. The reason Michael did so is that Joe was known for physically beating his children with belts and forcing them to rehearse for hours to perfect their performances.

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